A small representation of subtidal species
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Family: Xanthidae‚Äč

Splendid reef crab

Etisus splendidus

Neoliomera cerasinus

Shawl crab

Atergatis cf. subdentatus

Family: Trapezidae

Coral crab

Trapezia globosa

Nodose rubble crab

Paractaea rufopunctata

Lachnopodus ponapensis

Cyclodius nitidus

Red spotted coral crab

Trapezia rufopunctata

Spiny-legged rock crab

Actaoedes tometosus

Lioxanthodes alcocki

Spiny-legged rock crab
Liomera rugata

Coral crab

Trapezia septata

Family: Portunidae

Red swimming crab 

Gonioinfradens paucidentata

Swimming crab

Portunas cf orbitospinos

Carupa ohashi

Family: Plagusidae

Flat rock crab

Percnon planissimum

Family: Majidae

Sea toad
Schizophrys aspera

Scaly rock crab

Plagusia squamosa

Hyastenus cf. andrewsi

Subtidal crabs

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