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Infra-order Brachyura, Family Grapsidae

Mottled lightfoot crab | Grapsus albolineatus  Lamarck, 1818 ​

Christmas island crabs, mottled lightfoot, crab, grapsus albolineatus, Christmas Island, Max Orchard

Very similar in size and coloration to Grapsus crab. Up to 50–60 mm carapace width. Mottling on the legs is such that distinct stripes are formed from darker color. Claws are mauve to pink.

Found in the intertidal zone to 5 metres above sea level, generally on reefs and rocky shorelines. Active at night and seldom seen during daylight. Very shy, disappearing instantly into crevices at the slightest sign of


Read more about Christmas Island's mottled lightfoot crab in the book

"Crabs of Christmas Island" by Max Orchard

Mottled lightfoot crab

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